Why the saying “Love is all you need” isn’t bullshit

An incredibly honest sharing from an amazing young man!

tidbits of bullshit

I was meandering the aisles of the local supermarket today, pondering what variety of hummus I was craving.  Red pepper, lemon coriander, plain…the possibilities were endless (okay, not endless…this is Budgens we’re talking about).  And anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my hummus.  I practically live on it.  So obviously, this was a very important decision I was making.  

Anyways, there I was, two pots of hummus gripped in either hand, grappling with myself over if I wanted reduced fat or olive flavour.  As I scanned the packaging of one hummus for caloric information, I noticed the existence of a tiny human to my right.  There next to me stood a small child; he must’ve only been three or four years old.  He was poised behind his mother in an uncannily adult fashion, tiny hand meagerly pressed into hers, lips bunched together and eyebrows dancing, practically touching…

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